IDGOD Fake ID's pass Advanced Scanners!

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IDGOD Fake ID's pass Advanced Scanners!

ID card scanner is a device that displays the data about a driver’s license or a state ID card. There is very general information that the ID scanner give, which includes name, address, date of birth and age and card expiration date. This is of course used by individuals that want to get rid of individuals that have expired IDs or an underage IDs. However, the ID scanner doesn’t help them to find out or detect if the ID is fake. In order for the ID scanner to work, it is very essential that the operators compare the information printed on the ID card with the information that is displayed on the scanner. The driver’s license has a barcode and a magnetic stripe that gives that name, address date of birth, weight, height, eye colour and hair colour, essential details like the license number, license issue date and the expiry date. The ID scanner displays the mentioned information in a very simple format, on a screen, which also records the transaction based on the database. It is very often found that the information that is encoded on the magnetic stripe or the barcode does not match with what is written on the front of the ID card. Like for example, you may find that the identification card might have the person’s name and date of birth as, Kurt Foster and 5th of May, 1990. But the details stored in the card shall contain it as KertFostner and 15th of June, 1994. This is found to be a very common practice among fake ID card creators to simply put up new information on the card, which already has other information. Moreover, as it is considerably harder to store data on magnetic stripe or barcode than it is to print on a blank card, the fake ID makers often purchase such pre-encoded cards and fill them up with random details on the front. These fake IDs are often referred to as scannable fake IDs. They will scan the fake ID cards, however the information printed on the card will not match the information that is mentioned on the card. The ID card scanner makes it easier for the bouncers, bartenders and even the liquor store clerk to get more information about the individual that has the card. Without having an ID scanner there is no other way of getting the needed information. The operator that uses the ID scanner device compares the information that is found on the card and on the database that is displayed on the ID scanner. Thus, if the data on the front of the card does not match the data scored on the card, they the ID is considered to be as fake. As many people believe, the ID scanners available do not run the license number and check it through the official database for authentication. This is true as the state controlled database can only be verified by the legal authorities and cannot be accessed by public. Yes, the ID scanner cannot cross check the license number to ensure if it is valid in the state database. Next time if you are buying a fake ID. IDGOD will guarantee High quality fake ids.

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